Zaaf Collection

Addis Ababa

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Zaaf Collection

The remarkably stylish bags of this Ethiopian label are a treat one really shouldn't deny themselves when in Addis. Functional and modern, the brand's pieces all contain a slither of traditional ornament, giving the items individual character.


There are plenty of locally-made crafts to shop for, which range from Ethiopian fabrics turned clothing and linens, to artisan jewellery and footwear (there are a few designers to keep on your radar), to various local edibles and spices. The place to be for all of these and more is the bustling Mercato, a sprawling market with entire sections dedicated to individual types of product. It's best you go with a guide if there is the option: vendors often keep their goods inside stalls, making it not immediately apparent what it is that is being sold. A smaller, more manageable market offering a comparable experience is the Sholla, while the Shiro Meda is one dedicated to clothing and textiles only.