Holy Trinity Cathedral

Addis Ababa

Copyright: Sailko/cc by 3.0/Wikimedia Commons
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Holy Trinity Cathedral

The second in importance house of worship in Ethiopia — the Holy Trinity Cathedral — contains the tombs of the Former Emperor Haile Selassie and his wife. Many more prominent figures of the country's history are buried on its compounds. The building itself is a curious mix of international styles.

Do & See

Although most visitors to Ethiopia enter the country through Addis, few choose to linger for more than just a night or two before heading further inland to explore some if the country's ancient relics, and very unjustly so. There is an urban vibrancy of a distinct kind within the busy Mercato and Piazza neighbourhoods, scented with the aromas of excellent coffee served at nearly every corner. A handful of worthy museums are waiting for you should you decide to stay longer.